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Author Guidelines 

Sankalp Publishing welcomes  original manuscripts that have not been submitted, published or accepted for publication elsewhere. Authors specify the same in the article submission email

 The guidelines of manuscript given  below 

The manuscript should be complete in all respect for publication i.e. Title, Abstract, Manuscript.


a) The title of the paper should be boldfaced type, centered and typed in capital letters in a 14 point Times New Roman Font.

b) The author(s) full name, e-mail id, name of the institute/organization/university, contact details i.e. mobile/landline numbers. These details should be centered below the title.


a) Abstract should be in fully justified and italicized text. It must not exceed 250 words. The abstract should elaborate research background and methodology. The major findings and conclusion must be presented in brief. Abbreviations must be mentioned in full. Background, Aims, Methodology, Results/Findings, and Conclusion are essential elements of the abstract.

b) Maximum 4-6 keywords, listed alphabetically, separated by commas, and full stop at the end. Authors are requested to leave 2 lines before the next heading.


a) The manuscript should be within the 4500-word limit (excludes the abstract and references).

b)Article should be in typed Times New Roman 12pt font; double spaced.


c)The main text should follow the sequence of Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgement (if any) and References.

Tables and Figures:

a)Tables and Figures should be centered, separately numbered, self-explained.

b)Table titles must be above the table and Sources of data should be mentioned below the table


a)The authors should list all references alphabetically. References must be double spaced, and at the end of the research paper.

b)All references mentioned in the Reference List are arranged in the APA format.


Check List for Author(s) before submitting manuscript:

  • Manuscript must be plagiarism free.
  • Manuscript must be in English.
  • Ensure the manuscript has been 'spell checked' and 'grammar checked'
  • Manuscript must be original writing, previously unpublished, and not under consideration for publication elsewhere that enhances the existing body of knowledge in the given subject area.
  • All authors are advised to use template available for writing their manuscript. 

Copyright Policy:

All rights are reserved with the Publisher. All authors should fill their copyright form by using ink pen in his/ her own hand writing and then scan it. Scanned copy of copyright form should be submitted through the submission form.

Policy on Plagiarism:

The Sankalp Publishing does not take any responsibility regarding plagiarism issues raised out of any article. Plagiarized article will not be published in our journal. However, if any plagiarized article published by mistake, it will be deleted from our website and contents. The Sankalp publishing does not support any kind of plagiarism. Authors are fully responsible for plagiarism.