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Sankalp Publishing founded by Sankalp Education and Development Foundation, SEDF was formed with the vision of making quality education. SankalpPublishing’s guiding objective is to enhance education across the globe by supporting communities with culturally and geographically appropriate publishing programs and services. Sankalp Publishing aims to initiate spirit and reputation for quality work, it also intends to createlasting relationships with teachers, academicians and researchers.Sankalp Publishing educational books are developed by leading academicians and practicing teachers are research-based, learner-centric, culture and gender sensitive. We feel extremely blessed forthe learning journey that we have undertaken.We are a place for curious minds who are working to develop the next generation.We provide national and international book / thesis/ dissertation etc. with ISBN/ISSN in both print and e-Book in various discipline


We invite you to submit your original,scientific,high quality and result oriented paper for forthcoming issue

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Great historian and Former Vice Chancellor, Assam University, Silchar Prof. Jayanta Bhusan Bhattacharjee now associated with Sankalp publishing..

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Conference organizers are welcomed to propose special issue publication for conferences. Special Issue may include the full-length articles that were exhibited in the conference, symposium or workshop. Publishing special issue for conference papers in Sankalp journals is possible only for original articles which are peer-reviewed and plagiarism free.