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About sedf

Sankalp Education and Development Foundation (SEDF) is a trust registered under the provision of Indian Trust Act 1882 with manifold objectives towards the welfare of the people and society. The SEDF sets the objectives for underprivileged sections of population and the overall welfare of the society. It focuses on enabling weaker sections to attain quality education, provide them training, skilling, scholarship and counseling to contribute in making an inclusive, just and egalitarian society. The trust is particularly aims to establish educational institution for the benefits of weaker sections of society. It has the objective of instituting constructive research programmes to connect with educational development of weaker sections and society. To contribute in the overall academic and professional development of weaker sections and society, the trust has made further objectives of taking up necessary initiatives such as workshops, seminars, publications and training programmes for students, teachers, community leaders, children, youth and women. The trust is relentlessly working to bring an end to poor educational attainment and poor quality of life. It has been working to create a sustainable future for all. Societal growth, quality of life, quality education, social justice, quality health etc. are the key focus of Sankalp Education and Development Foundation (SEDF).

Our Dream Projects:

Sankalp Publishing 

Sankalp Academy 

Sankalp Institute of Social, Economic and Digital Well-being   

Sankalp Degree College ( Under Construction)