sankalp Education and Development Foundation (SEDF)

 Sankalp Education and Development Foundation (SEDF)

Education and Development Foundation (SEDF) is a trust registered under the provision of Indian Trust Act 1882  with manifold objectives to serve the underprivileged and the needy by providing the quality education, training in skills, scholarship, equipment and counseling so as to equip, encourage, and empower individuals to become useful member of the society. The objective of the trust to establish educational institution for the benefits of weaker section of society. Another important objective is established a meaningful correlation between Education Research and Development through organize workshops, seminars, publications and training programmes for students, teachers, community leaders, youth, women and children. The trust is relentlessly working to bring an end to illiteracy and help poor and needy to sustain their livelihood. To give society quality education, social justice, good health etc. are Sankalp Education and Development Foundation (SEDF) has sole responsibility