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Book Chapter Publication with ISBN

Sankalp Publishing works as a most suitable platform to publish book chapters in edited books. Maintaining high academic and production standards is our main concern. Manuscripts received would be thoroughly assessed for their viability across the globe.Sankalp Publishing provides book chapters’ publication with ISBN no. and Cross Ref DOI no. for referencing and indexing in global databases. Our publishing options cover literary and scientific publications and ensure an appropriate outlet for your research.

Format for Book Chapter

All Book chapters must be typed in A4 size (font size 12) in 1.5 space in single column with at least one-inch margin on all sides. Authors should submit single word files that contains the following information.

  •   Title of the Chapter 
  •   Author Name & Designation
  •   Author Phone Number and email id
  •  Abstract and Keywords
  •  Introduction
  •   Chapter Content
  •   References
  •   Pages should be within 10-20


  •  The authors should list all references alphabetically. References must be double spaced, and at the end of the research paper.

  • All references mentioned in the Reference List are arranged in the APA format.


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