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Policy on  Plagiarism 

Sankalp Publishing does not take any responsibility for any plagiarism issues raised in any article. Plagiarized articles will not be published in our journal. However, if any plagiarized article is published by mistake, it will be deleted from our website and contents. Sankalp Publishing does not support any kind of plagiarism. Authors are fully responsible for plagiarism. By submitting the author's manuscript to the journal, it is understood that it is an original manuscript, unpublished work, and not under consideration elsewhere. Plagiarism, including duplicate publication of the author’s own work in whole or in part without proper citation, is not tolerated by the journal. Manuscripts submitted to the journal may be checked for originality using anti-plagiarism software. Plagiarism misrepresents ideas, words, and other creative expressions as one’s own. Plagiarism represents a violation of copyright law. Plagiarism appears in various forms.

  • Copying the same content from another source. Purposefully using portions of another author’s paper or content.
  • Copying elements of another author’s paper, such as figures, tables, equations, or illustrations that are not common knowledge, or copying or purposely using sentences without citing the source.
  • Using exact text downloaded from the internet.
  • Copying or downloading figures, photographs, pictures, or diagrams without acknowledging your sources

Plagiarism before Publishing

Sankalp Publishing does not support any kind of plagiarism. If plagiarism is detected at any stage of the article process, before or after acceptance, during editing, or at the page proof stage, we will alert the concerned author(s) and ask them to remove the plagiarism.

Plagiarism after Publishing

If plagiarism is found after publication, the journal will conduct an investigation. If plagiarism is detected, the editorial office of the journal will contact the author’s institute and funding agencies. The paper containing the plagiarism will be marked on each page of the PDF. Depending on the extent of the plagiarism, the paper may also be formally retracted.

Report Plagiarism

Editorial team has taken due care to assess the plagiarism but in case plagiarism is found with published article, it is the sole duty of the original contributor to report the plagiarized content to us. Such reported cases will be re-evaluated and notified to the Author(s) for making revision. We will remove the article from web sources until author resubmit revised article. To report plagiarism contact to