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Sankalp Publishing is innovative and leading book publisher of global standards. Sankalp Publishing is dedicated to the global dissemination of information through an unparalleled commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation. We are providing high quality books at reasonable prices. Maintain high academic and production standards is our main priority and we believe in being in close contact with all our authors on the production, promotion and distribution of their books. We accept submissions in all disciplines.The ISBN is allotted to all our book publications.


Format and Style

All Book must be typed in A4 size (font size 12) in 1.5 space in Double/single column with at least one-inch margin on all sides. Authors should submit single word files that contains the following entire book with cover page, reference, annexure etc.

Cover Page: Book should have a cover page providing the following informations:-

1. Title of the Book 

2. Author name and Designation 

3. Postal Address 

Brief CV of the Author: Author should send brief CV in a separate word file along withContact number and email id.


For submission, e-mail us: